Right to an Opinion

The right to freedom of expression does not equate with the right to freedom from contestation of said expression. You have the right to call me a fool, but that does not mean you will be free from me contesting the veracity of that statement. I hope this clarifies the point. People seem to think their opinions cannot be contested. Because they are free to hold opinions. You can have them. Someone else is free to hold a contrary opinion. The problem with our opinions is the vast amount of ignorance in the world. Because … you know that thing you know that you’ve always known and you don’t know how you know, but you just know that you know?… it probably isn’t true. So you are absolutely free to say idiotic things based on false information, but people are free to tell you that in their opinion (which they are free to have by the way) you are an idiot!

Peace and Love.



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