I have been asked very many times, if I am glass half-full or half-empty. My lawyer’s brain always finds it difficult to give an answer other than ‘It depends.’ I mean we don’t have the full picture and need to ask more questions. We cannot make a conclusion either way… that sort of answer.

We have to know the answer to questions such as: Am I thirsty? Then I am happy that there is some water to drink.

Do I need to do the washing up? I am sad that I need to pour out the water, but not too sad, as this is easily done.

It is not my cup? If not, how is this my business?

As the graphic below suggests there are various responses to some water in a glass. However, I am increasingly reluctant to put labels on anyone, who and what we are and how we manifest that cannot be defined by narrow references to pre-established boundaries of ideology.




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