The Dangerous African Marriage of Religion to Tradition

(NB: I will be illustrating my points with reference to Yoruba traditions: other African traditions and cultures are available.)

Increasingly, we see culture, religion and tradition being used as justification for legislative actions, administrative actions and executive policies. The effect of this is a blurring of the lines between the personal and the political spheres in African society. I suggest that this confusion is dangerous as it ignores necessary demarcations and leads to the abdication of responsibility for making measured and logical decisions for the good of the state. Continue reading “The Dangerous African Marriage of Religion to Tradition”


Academics as Optimistic Shoe Salespeople

A paradigm change can sometimes feel like a physical thing. I can remember the first time I found out about the story of the optimistic shoe salesman. I was in the Law Faculty of OAU Ile-Ife, having a moment of quiet contemplation. Very few places are as well suited to mental rumination as a faculty shaped like a cruise liner. I still believe that this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Nigeria. Continue reading “Academics as Optimistic Shoe Salespeople”

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