women of colour run with a million dreams on their backs

they run from the scripts of silence

they run from the hands that hinder

they run with the dreams of their children

they run with the regrets of their grandmothers

they run with the pains of those trapped in prisons of love

they run with the sounds of screaming singing in their ears

they run with a truckload of doubt in their hearts

yet they run

they run

they run

because all they have is hope

hope of what is possible

so they run carrying a million dreams

they run till their breath runs out

still they run

run till their strength gives out

still they run

run till their life runs out

and then they fall

and the dreams they carry take flight

to be caught by a new set of women

a million million dreams to be carried

on a million million backs

we run with a billion dreams on our backs







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