My Favourite Def Jam Poets

Spoken word changed my life. My favourite poets in no particular order:


Joaquin Zihuatanejo — This is a Suit Continue reading “My Favourite Def Jam Poets”


My Dubious Love of Telenovelas

In 1992 when Marianna strolled onto our screens in ‘The Rich Also Cry,’ the sociology of our lives was changed forever. Our eyes were opened to new worlds of never-setting sunsets, impossible story lines, over-the-top reactions, plotholes you could sail an ocean liner through with a galaxy to spare, characterisations so fluid as to be so obtuse that one minute they are unable to spot a disguise which constitutes the wearing of sunglasses, while the next minute they are able to pick out the paternity of a child by glancing at a grainy picture. Most of all watching, telenovelas in the 90s required the complete annihilation, destruction and repudiation of disbelief. Continue reading “My Dubious Love of Telenovelas”

The Study of Apartheid is Still Relevant

On Feb. 11, 1990, my grandfather came to Ilorin from Koro to visit. He had to go to my father’s office so that my dad could bring him home as there was no one at home. My grandfather was quite insistent on being brought home as quickly as possible. He wanted to put on the radio and listen to the news. Something people thought they would never see in their lifetime was happening. This was the day Nelson Mandela was set free after 27 years in prison. For those of us who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s, apartheid was something both far away and very near. Continue reading “The Study of Apartheid is Still Relevant”

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