Thou Shall Not Live: A Nigerian Woman’s Guide to Avoiding Rape



Sometime last year, I was wrapping up work for the day when an ex hit me up to check in and ask what I would be doing after work. I said I was going to see a male friend who lived close to my office. Said friend had invited me over to come play some game online that he thought I would enjoy. When I said that to the ex, he expressed a measure of discomfort in a manner that annoyed me. What was his business if I was hanging out with some other guy? Weren’t we over?

I did go to the friend’s house. We played the game and it was alright. But I didn’t speak to the ex for a whole month. Mind your business let me mind mine. When we finally spoke a month later, he explained that his reservations that night stemmed from having heard so…

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We Should Stop Researching Sub-Saharan Africa

What does Sub-Saharan Africa mean?

In practice, ‘Sub-Sahara Africa’ (SSA) refers to all of Africa except the five predominantly Arab states of North Africa (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt) and the Sudan, a north-central African country. Continue reading “We Should Stop Researching Sub-Saharan Africa”

Absence, Distance, Remembrance and Silence in the African Thesis

The question of representation has increasingly become mainstream. Africa presents a particular challenge to issues of representation. Representation in this context is ‘the action of speaking or acting on behalf of someone’ or ‘the description or portrayal of someone or something in a particular way’. Academic, fictional and media representation is important because without accurate and dignified representation, the voice, visibility and validity of a people are distorted. Continue reading “Absence, Distance, Remembrance and Silence in the African Thesis”

Can Pan-Africanism Save Us? A short note

Pan-Africanism: it is a belief that African peoples, both on the African continent and in the Diaspora, share not merely a common history, but a common destiny. This sense of interconnected pasts and futures has taken many forms, especially in the creation of political institutions. “We the African people are our own liberators and thinkers whose task is to make a mighty stride towards genuine freedom by any means necessary.” Continue reading “Can Pan-Africanism Save Us? A short note”

Greatest Theme Songs from International Sporting Events

The 2016 Olympics in Rio will hold from the 5th to the 21st of August. I am very much a fan of big sporting events, even when I don’t watch them! I vaguely remember the 1984 Olympics as a memory of a memory; I am also a HUGE fan of music. Therefore, the highlight of any Olympics for me is (or was) the theme music. I want to share some of my favourite theme songs with you.  Let me know what you think. Do you agree with me? Have I left any out? Continue reading “Greatest Theme Songs from International Sporting Events”

What Gandhi Taught me About Love and Nonviolence

I was probably about 7 years old the first time I watched the film Gandhi. It still holds pride of place in my film collection, nestled in between The Sound of Music and The Godfather I, II and III sits my worn copy of Gandhi. Close friends have been forced to sit through 3 hours of film as I study every single piece of dialogue and nuance. The film has layers deep as the crevices on the mountain range behind my grandparents house in Okebukun. Continue reading “What Gandhi Taught me About Love and Nonviolence”

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