Africa has only Africa to blame for her Underdevelopment

‘Africans must wake up to the fact that you only ever get the kind of leaders you allow yourselves to have. ‘


By Dumi Senda

Africa will never run out of countries and people to blame for her demise. While the charge against players such as Europe, USA and China is not unfounded, it is misguided and farcical as it overlooks that every country ‘negotiates’ on her own behalf to secure the interests of her citizens.

When Obama became US President, Africans cheered and hailed a new era of US-Africa relations hoped to usher-in socio-economic and political leverage in the continent. The cheers have since died down, as the realisation that Obama is an American President elected by American citizens to safeguard and secure American interests dawned on Africans.

When you point a finger of blame at others, you ignore three fingers pointing right back at you!

Africa continues to yoyo between, on one hand, anti-Westernism and pro-Easternism, and on the other hand, anti-Easternism and pro-Westernism, while the rest of the world…

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