Decolonising the Colonised African Mind – The First 5 Steps

How will we unshackle the African giant? By freeing our minds from mental slavery, by realizing that we are worth as much as anyone else, by eschewing narratives based on inferiority, by connecting once again with the Africa that lies inside of us – The true Africa whose heart is golden. Continue reading “Decolonising the Colonised African Mind – The First 5 Steps”


Africa has only Africa to blame for her Underdevelopment

‘Africans must wake up to the fact that you only ever get the kind of leaders you allow yourselves to have. ‘


By Dumi Senda

Africa will never run out of countries and people to blame for her demise. While the charge against players such as Europe, USA and China is not unfounded, it is misguided and farcical as it overlooks that every country ‘negotiates’ on her own behalf to secure the interests of her citizens.

When Obama became US President, Africans cheered and hailed a new era of US-Africa relations hoped to usher-in socio-economic and political leverage in the continent. The cheers have since died down, as the realisation that Obama is an American President elected by American citizens to safeguard and secure American interests dawned on Africans.

When you point a finger of blame at others, you ignore three fingers pointing right back at you!

Africa continues to yoyo between, on one hand, anti-Westernism and pro-Easternism, and on the other hand, anti-Easternism and pro-Westernism, while the rest of the world…

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African why wait?

‘ Does education not transcend the institutions you’re mandated to pass through? Finding expression in all men including you?’


African, African why wait…

For the media to acknowledge your beauty, your substance, the richness of your culture, the uniqueness of your paradigm, the poetry that is your language?

Why wait for another to declare that your life matters?

African, African take a good look at yourself. See

That you are rich and  as plenty as the drops of water in every river, lake and sea

Uneducated? Does education not transcend the institutions you’re mandated to pass through? Finding expression in all men including you?

Unsophisticated? Is that not but a state of mind that deifies another lifestyle while denigrating mine?!!

What makes my skin dirty, worth only to be bleached color tone?

What makes me undeserving of life, and a place to call my own?

What makes my accent ugly, dull and unrefined?

Are these not the lies that leave us deaf, mute, broken and blind?

African, African the…

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Being A Nigerian Woman

‘But he said you were a woman; that he wouldn’t talk to you. That you should go and bring your husband, so they can talk man to man.’

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The first time you realise that life as a woman may not be so easy, is at debate club in primary school. The topic is male children are better than female children.

You listen as the lead speaker for our opponents says, “So with the these few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince and not confuse you, dear co-debaters and impartial judges, that male children are better than female children.
The boys win, but that’s no surprise; they always do. As long as they make sure to mention that female children will get married and take on their husbands names male children will carry on the family name, they will win.

You grow up and each year brings you face to face with more disparity; it’s no longer debate club, but the boys are still winning, and unfairly so.
It’s stares you in the face…

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