The politics of charisma, charm and image and the reality of character and substance

Foluke's African Skies

This is a piece I wrote a while back [2010], just contemplating democracy and the ‘populist’ coup in Egypt. Who will win the army supporters or the other supporters?

Funnily enough I started work on this piece before scheduling of general elections by the incumbent government in the UK. Due to my general lackadaisical nature and intrinsic laziness, I have been superseded by events and forced to change the tenor of the piece. In addition to this I would like to write it before the Second Coming so my efforts in piecing my disjointed ideas together would not be made completely redundant by the inevitable passage of time.

Even though we mostly profess to hate politics and the motley crew who administer and gain from its practice, we are ultimately fascinated by it and always drawn into an illicit relationship with it by the fact that we the people are…

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